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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fiercest queen of them all? It’s Robin Fierce!

After showing off some gorgeous looks and immense talent on Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Robin Fierce’s journey to superstardom has been moving at a rapid pace. Her time was cut short on the show, but that has only left fans with a deeper desire to see more from her – and since her elimination, she has absolutely delivered on every front imaginable.

Robin Fierce is not only a phenomenal drag artist, but she’s also a sensational vocalist and lyricist. “Bad Bitchery” is her first song available on all streaming platforms, and it’s receiving well-deserved acclaim as one of the best drag songs to come out in years. The track is full of fun and infectiously positive energy, with an addictive hook that forces listeners to get up and out on the dance floor. The feel-good vibes of the song perfectly match Robin’s charming personality and character, showcasing exactly why fans fell in love with her to begin with.

Robin Fierce gave Pop Crave the scoop on her new song, “Bad Bitchery,” how she’s been managing social media post-season, and the supportive family she’s created with her Season 15 sisters. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Robin! Congratulations on your recent Drag Race run and all of the other amazing things that have followed. How would you say 2023 has been treating you so far?

So far, 2023 has been a lot of fun. It’s also been filled with learning experiences. Between being on one of my favorite shows and traveling to many new places, there are so many firsts.

“Bad Bitchery” is genuinely one of my favorite songs I’ve heard from a drag artist in a very long time! It’s such a feel-good song. How would you describe the track and what the song personally means to you?

First of all, thank you! That means a lot, especially since there is quite a few good ones. I think you hit the nail on the head, though. It is a feel-good song. I want you to listen to it with a smile on your face as you embody “Bad Bitchery,” the action of being a… bad bitch! Which, being a bad bitch means different things to different people, and that’s okay. I want people to listen to this and feel like they can be their best self. It’s a fun reminder to not only the listener, but to me as well. This song is truly my baby right now. I’ve always wanted to have a song out in the world, and I finally got the chance to. This is a great first step in the right music direction.

Your vocals on “Bad Bitchery” are incredible! Was live singing something you would have been excited to do on Drag Race if you had made it further?

I was excited to sing on the show. Which, I did get to do very briefly during the only lady girl group challenge. If you listen to my group’s song again, toward the end you’ll hear a few bits and pieces of me singing. I would have loved to of course do a little more, though! It would have been a lot of fun. I even ended up doing my own verse or two on “Blame It On The Edit” for my TikTok.

Can fans expect a music video for “Bad Bitchery” in the near future? Even if they can’t, what do you think the visuals for a “Bad Bitchery” music video would look like?

TBD. As much as we love a music video, they can be a lot to put out. I don’t think we realize how much work goes into music videos until it’s time for us to make our own. They are fully like mini movies these days! But I would love to do one. My mom (birth mother) called me the other day and told me I needed a video because she loved the song. She had many ideas. So, maybe I’ll just have to do one and make her the director. A Robin and Mama Fierce collab.

Marcia Marcia Marcia posted a TikTok with the “Bad Bitchery” audio not too long ago! How helpful has it been post-season to receive so much love and support from your fellow cast members?

It really does mean a lot to me. I think many of us show a lot of support to each other. We say it all the time, but it really is like a little season family. So, I am thankful to all the girls! And a special shout out to Salina and Anetra! They are literally on the track!

What inspired the cover art for “Bad Bitchery”? I love that photo of you!

I actually did the edit on the cover! Jorge Barragan took the photo of me in the middle of that club at Heart WeHo. I wanted an action shot in the middle of the club. I wanted it to feel like I was in the middle of feeling my bad bitch fantasy, having a great time, someone called my name. I wanted that to be the vibe, and I wanted it to be fun to match the song.

You recently joined Mo Heart’s Mo-Gul Entertainment! How fun has that experience been so far, and what’s been your favorite part about working with Mo?

It has been a great journey so far. I came into Mo-Gul, for the most part, a fully formed drag artist. Getting to work with Mo and our team really pushed me to move outside of the box that I formed in, while still not just totally losing myself. We are really honing in on continued growth as an entertainer. It’s good to have someone in your life that pushed you, no matter what stage you are in.

What are some of your all-time favorite songs to perform at a show?

Oh, this is hard! There have been quite a few! Hmmm, “Go All Night” featuring Jennifer Hudson is a go-to for sure. “Supernova” by Kylie Minogue is another great one. Honestly, that whole album is a vibe! I mean, “CUFF IT” from RENAISSANCE is perfect for any occasion. And there is my Nicole Byer mix… I have made many a dollar off this number. It is probably my favorite mix I’ve ever made. It is pure foolishness, debauchery, and just the best time. If anyone out there gets to see it or has seen… equal part you’re welcome and I’m sorry [laughs]!

What social media apps have you found to be the hardest and easiest to use since gaining so much more of a fanbase from Drag Race?

Honestly, I’d say they all have their ups and downs. I think each app serves a different purpose. For the most part, I enjoy them all. I have had to mute notifications because it gets to be a lot sometimes, but for me I think more good than bad comes from them. It’s all about your perspective most of the time. I get to share with my audience and basically speak to them directly. Dealing with people’s opinions 24/7 can be a time, but you quickly learn that not everyone’s opinion is for you and that’s okay.

How has the reception and support from the queer community in Connecticut been since the season ended?

It had been amazing. I have fortunately worked in CT for a while before the show. So, I had my regulars who knew and loved what I did. But now, it’s really like all of queer CT had come together to support us.

What can fans anticipate from the beautiful Robin Fierce for the rest of 2023?

Hopefully more music, more content, and to get to see me out in the world. I am always working on something. And you know you can expect “A little bad bitchery. And that’s a fact!”

Robin Fierce’s new song, “Bad Bitchery,” is out now.

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