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Lana Del Rey embraces a glamorous, timeless sound on her new song, “Let Me Love You Like A Woman,” the first track off the highly-anticipated  ‘Chemtrails Over The Country Club,’


“I’m from a small town, how about you?” Lana croons romantically on the opening line of her new project. This is an aesthetic that feels like it was birthed in the ‘Born To Die’ underdog era, glittered with the romance of “Lust For Life” and stripped down with Jack Antonoff‘s ‘NFR’ qualities. It’s debated whether or not this is the “lead”  that will be promoted, but it’s clear that ‘LMLYLAW” is deserving of the lead single status in her discography.




Fans have been quick to say this will be Lana‘s “country” album, but “LMLYLAW” sounds too inspired to be boxed in by one genre. By embracing ultra femininity, Lana is doing something truly outside the box of commercial “feminism,” which often assumes that women are more empowered when they try to beat men at their own game. But there is so much more power and influence to be mined within the softer, more delicate side of humans, and Lana makes this abundantly clear on her new song. The line, “let me hold you like a baby,” is a glorious, emasculating hook that really hones in on her feminine spirit, while lyrics like “shine like a diamond” deliver ‘Born To Die’ glamour nostalgia for the Stan Twitter die hards.



We can’t help but think back to LDR‘s viral “question for the culture” in May 2020, where the singer opened up about feeling misunderstood in the commercial world of feminism. Her post made the case that true feminism can also facilitate discussions around the messy, hard truths of life without being accused of “glamourizing” such scenarios, because in the end, that’s REAL life in America – haven’t you ever met an Eminem fan in your life?


It seems as if “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” is an answer of some sorts to her Instagram post…there’s an incredible energy in the culture right now for Lana that we haven’t seen since the ‘Born To Die’ era, and we hope the singer-songwriter will capitalize on the moment. This is the sound of a truly fearless artist, and regardless of what you think about her “controversial” small-town aesthetic right now, it’s undeniable that Lana is striking a nerve that few pop culture stars are picking up on.