What Is Happening To Lia Johnson? Fans Worry After Bizarre Behavior

The internet has seen their fair share of mental health scares from the 2016 Marina Joyce fiasco to this years support of the #FreeBritney movement. Now, 22-year-old Lia Marie Johnson has become the concern of many fans and individuals alike. This comes after the star posted a range of alarming content on her Instagram and has demonstrated odd behavior.


Lia Marie Johnson is most notable for being the breakout star in the award-winning Kids React show created by The Fine Bros on YouTube. Her charismatic personality & wit allowed her to create her own Youtube channel with a loyal fanbase. This allowed her to act on TV shows like AwesomenessTV and pursue her own music career with Capitol Records.



Her YouTube channel was blooming to viral success, as she began to collaborate with important figures such as Collen Ballinger, Shane Dawson, to even interviewing former President Barack Obama. Her artistic career also grew exponentially as she collaborated with producer R3hab on the track “The Wave.” Nonetheless, the internet star seemed to have vanished out of thin air, as she abruptly stopped creating content & music a year ago. This left her follower’s wondering about their idol’s endeavors and whereabots.



Nearly a year later after releasing her last single “Champagne,” Johnson became active on social media on May 8th as she began posting eerie Instagram live videos. Such videos see the singer explaining how her boyfriend left her and is now “going on other drugs,” as well as her misery in not having a mom or a dad. Perhaps the most bizarre video yet, though, shows Thompson blatantly screaming in public “Have you ever known love?”



Many of Thompson’s fans are rightfully worried. A new video by YouTuber Tommy Carter where he gives his own take of the situation has now gone viral, while the #SaveLiaJohnson has been created on social media to spread the issue and provide support. Many fans have even noticed that Johnson was crying for help back in 2016 with her single, “DNA” where she sheds light on her troubled past & her father’s battle with alcoholism.



One of the star’s personal friend Alicia Eris revealed in an Instagram story that Johnson’s friends have been trying to support her during her personal hardships, and that the public should refrain from attacking the YouTuber. However, content creator Ryan Abe revealed that he is unable to provide support to Johnson as she might have ultimately changed her contact information. This makes the situation complex to help her, but there is still hope.











During this sensitive ordeal, we urge people to help contact her parents, The Fine Bros, and spread this news and hashtag #SaveLiaJohnson in order to help Lia Marie Johnson and provide her with the necessary assistance. If you or anyone knows someone who is need of aid, don’t hesitate to contact the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration hotline: 1-800-622-HELP.


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