She’s Setting Fires on The Music Scene: Meet Electro-Pop Artist XYLØ

From collaborating with Grammy-Award winning duo The Chainsmokers, releasing pop anthem “Tears & Tantrums” co-penned by lyrical genius Charli XCX to speaking out on current political climate, XYLØ is on her way to becoming a staple in the music industry.


We had the pleasure here at Pop Crave to talk with XYLØ about her drive for music, love for Lana Del Rey and her upcoming sonic EP.


Where Did You Grow Up? What Inspired You To Get Into Music?


I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in a town called Westlake village. I come from a really musical family and was around music all the time. My grandpa is a jazz drummer and 3 of my uncles were in a band called Toto. I would go to concerts and gigs all the time on the weekdays with my parents as a kid so naturally I fell in love with that environment. I started singing when I was about 7 or 8 when I got the Ashlee Simpson album, ‘Autobiography’ and would belt it in my room. From then on, I always loved to sing and decided to really pursue music when I was 18 and graduated high school.


Tell Us About Your First Concert Experience.


My first concert experience was Hilary Duff when I was in 4th grade and I still think it’s one of the best days I’ve ever lived.


My own first concert (performing) experience was also amazing and terrifying at the same time because we already had labels there wanting to sign XYLØ before I had ever played a gig in my life! But I loved every second of it and became addicted to playing shows ever since.


Who Are Three Of Your Music Inspirations?  


My grandfather because I don’t think I would have pursued music if it wasn’t for him and the example he set for us kids.


My producer, Lee Newell because he’s worked so hard his entire career and pushes me to be the best I can be. He’s written all of my XYLØ songs with me and without him, I wouldn’t be as good of a songwriter as I am now.


Lana Del Rey because when I first started making music and writing proper songs, she was such a icon to me with the way she was so dark but glamorous with her music and her aesthetic. I don’t think anyone really compares. To this day she is still my favorite artist.



Tell Us About Your New Single “ride or die.” What Inspired It?


“ride or die” is a dark love song about someone who you know isn’t perfect, but you’ll love them and their flaws till the day you die. When we were singing the chorus, the lyrics just kind of flowed out of us. That set the tone and I knew instantly I wanted everything around it to feel dark and romantic because that just fits my style and the type of relationship I’m in.


What Do You Hope People Take Away From Your Song After Listening? What Is The Key Message?


I just hope they want to blast it all summer long and that, for all of those who are madly in love, they will relate to it.


What Is Your Writing Process Like?


I don’t think there’s really an exact “process” to writing songs. Some days I’m really in the mood to write something and some days it just doesn’t happen and it can’t be forced. I might have lyrics written down or I love a concept, or there might be a track my producer made for something else and I’ll be like “I need this” and end up writing to that. There’s no process for me but all I know is I need at least three cups of coffee to finish the song and I hate to take breaks in between.



What Can We Expect Next? An EP? Full Album?


I have another single dropping on 5/24 and my second solo EP, ‘yes & no’ drops 5/31. Stay tuned for even more music throughout the rest of the year!


Who Is Your Dream Collab?


Lana Del Rey!


If You Could Change One Thing About Today’s Entertainment Industry, What Would It Be? Why?


I wish the people actually working in the industry all had to take a course on songwriting and music production. My biggest issue when being with a label was that the people deciding what music I put out in the world didn’t even know the simple language of songwriting to articulate what they did or didn’t like about a song.


What Do You Hope You’re Known For?


Of course I hope I’m known for my music and people find that they’re able to connect with my lyrics and the shit I go through. Once I went independent, I decided to write songs that were 100% authentic to myself and stopped overthinking everything. I’m not trying to impress a label anymore or compromise lyrics and melodies to make them more “hit” worthy. I hate the term “a hit”. I just want to make music I love and perform for the people who dig it.


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