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Pop Crave Exclusive: Peppermint Interview

Peppermint has tackled so many aspects of the entertainment industry since being a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2017. She’s joined the music industry

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Amanda Brown Interview

Known for her iconic run on Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice, as well as her lengthy career as a background vocalist for some of

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Korean Superstar JAMIE Embraces Being a “3D Woman”

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter JAMIE has failed to disappoint at every turn, consistently providing the world with impeccable songs and dazzling musicality. Working with the likes

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Indy Yelich Interview

Blasting into the music industry with her debut single, “Threads,” last month, this incredible poet is ready to turn into New Zealand’s next big breakthrough

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Pop Star LAY Shares Concept Behind New “Veil” Music Video

EXO member Lay Zhang has been putting out his own music for quite a few years as LAY, with several hit singles, EPs, and albums

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Pop Crave Exclusive: David Archuleta Interview

David Archuleta became a nationwide phenomenon back in 2008 when his audition on American Idol created an instant fandom. The talented young artist won the

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Aqua Interview

It’s been 25 years since the Danish dance-pop group, Aqua, made their mark on the music industry with hits like “Barbie Girl” and “Doctor Jones.”

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Alaska Thunderfuck Interview

HIEEEE! After winning RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 2 with her unforgettable personality, stylish looks, and intoxicating humor, Alaska Thunderfuck has continued to be a

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Francisco Martin Interview

Pop singer-songwriter Francisco Martin obtained a massive fandom when his audition for American Idol went viral in 2020. Since placing in the Top 5 on

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Yuna Interview

No one is feeding their fans as well as Yuna. The Malaysian R&B artist is one of today’s greatest talents, captivating audiences with her glistening